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Only with GENSA you can ensure the health and productivity of your crops, we are the most innovative company for the production and distribution of meristems. For GENSA LABS, quality is a priority, which is why our processes are linked to the genetic capacity that tissues can multiply in the laboratory. Secure your investments with the best genetics.


At GENSA our work begins with a strict selection of the best genetics. Followed by a sophisticated tissue establishment system in sterile flow chambers that ensures total health from the start.


We only use OMRI certified substrate, we have researched for decades the relationships between containers, substrates, air, water and nutrition that allows us the best germination and acclimatization of plants.

We develop our plants in the air in 400 cc containers, which give us a development optimal plant and a root system far superior to a conventional plant.


Whether they are in vitro Tissue Culture plants or a plant from seeds, the conditions will always be the best, always maintaining a strict control of genetic identity and health certification endorsed by a strict quality control team.


At GENSA we love helping you optimize your crops and profits. You can read our reference manuals to learn much more.

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Growing Tips

Did you know?

The plantain establishment begins with the adaptation of the farm and ends when the crop is three months old.

Drainage, roads, irrigation and soil preparation are prior to planting; After this, the main factors of influence for an excellent establishment are irrigation and weed control.

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