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Plantain and Banana

We develop the best quality in meristems and plantain and banana plants.

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Discover the innovative production system with GENSA plants: Musaceae, Coffee, Ornamentales, experiences of our partners and friends, and the benefits of planting with GENSA.


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In 2015 we started working with GENSA, their plants are free of pests and diseases, facilitating their management and having a much more concentrated harvest over time.

Coordination with their staff, who, in addition to their kindness and good treatment, help us having good planting projections and deliveries.

Gilberto Guerra

"We are very happy with the GENSA meristems, it is a very healthy plant, with a lot of vigor, the average production has been 44 exportable fingers with 5 hands"

Milton Pérez

Since the use of plants produced in vitro, the yields and quality have improved considerably, in such a way that I always recommend the use of plants produced by GENSA in plantain projects.

The service has been the best, on-time deliveries and on-the-spot advice It required.

Jesús Aguillón

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